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The modern way to connect with your suppliers.

Silkline is not another system.

It's the missing link between your internal systems and your suppliers to help you operate seamlessly.

Unify data.

Whether it's data siloed across 7 systems or stuck in inboxes and spreadsheets, Silkline helps you bring together the data you need to operate effectively.

Prevent misses.

Missing materials wreak havoc on your operations and prevent you from delivering on-time. Silkline helps you detect delays before it's too late.

Move faster.

Silkline automates manual processes, reducing errors and freeing up your teams to focus on work that drives growth.

Send in a snap

Send digital purchase orders in just a few clicks.

Your suppliers receive an email from the buyer with a magic link to view the purchase order – no onboarding required.

Track orders automatically

Track the status of every purchase orders

Get order confirmations in minutes rather than days. Get notified when orders ship and when they arrive.

See order activity in one place

View order activity in one place, including order confirmations, status updates, and every message to or from the supplier.

Share order status with requesters

Give requesters visibility into the history and status of orders so they never need to ask for updates.

Easily share orders and followers will be notified any time there's an update.

“I sent a PO to a supplier through Silkline and they immediately got it and acknowledged the PO with no explanation needed at all.”

- Silkline Customer (Procurement Professional at leading aerospace company)

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Keep source systems up-to-date

Tired of data scattered across multiple systems and stuck in emails and spreadsheets?

Silkline keeps your source systems up-to-date by capturing updates from communications with suppliers and syncing data across systems.
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Monitor supplier performance in real time

Stop wrangling data from source systems and manual assessments to create supplier scorecards.

Continuously measure supplier responsiveness, on-time delivery, and quality.
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Collect and organize documents

Collect and store required documentation and like Certificates of Conformance, linked to the relevant PO.

Automatically identify missing documentation and send requests to suppliers.

Simple. Easy. Built to work with all suppliers.

Works with every supplier, instantly.

Silkline works with the tools your suppliers already use, like email, text, and WhatsApp. No integrations, training, or portals needed.

Fits with your existing tech stack.

Silkline works in tandem with your existing systems & data. Even better, it helps you keep your ERP data accurate and up-to-date.


Built and backed by industry experts.

Silkline's founding team has decades of experience at industry leaders including Palantir, Lockheed Martin, Deloitte, and SpaceX. We're backed by top venture investors including Matchstick, 25madison, Barrel Ventures, Valia Ventures, and Tenzing Capital.
Silkline is in private beta.

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